Ergolates will help you get fit and stay healthy!

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About Us

Ergolates is an exercise and health methodology based on a combination of Joseph Pilates principles,  Ergonomics, Naturopathy and Trager Movement therapy principles.

In essence it is the result of taking the best of each of the above areas, to create a repertoire of exercises that adapts therapeutic and esthetic principles into a workout and lifestyle method, (which includes a holistic “way of thinking” )


Why Ergolates????

Many tiny fractures can develop over time. Before a person sees a doctor about increased back pain and muscular inflammation, the tiny fractures and muscular imbalances have time to accumulate, This waiting period increases the possibilty for a deformity of the spine and musculature.

Ergolates is a plan and exercise methodology  devised to make postural correction and help correct pain and ugly postural imbalances. The plan consists of: Safe movement for exercise and everyday living, Postural strengthening for all 29 stabilizers in the trunk region, positive affirmations and oscillating movements that help release back pain, increase lymphatic circulation.

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Our Program

We are a Body Physix creation. Ergolates was created to help our private studio clients continue their workouts and physical growth at home, on vacation or even at work. Membership to our site gives you access to years of practical research and application. 

We pride ourselves on creating a beautiful and safe environment for our clients. We have developed the Ergolates name and brand. We educate our clients about the power of positive inspirations and the mind body connection. We help begin the process of overhall preventive health and healing with our approach.

An Ergolates Movement Specialist is a guide towards a healthier happier lifestyle.  Our International certification plan and process will soon be available.